additionally, I CANNOT GET OVER Steve’s fucking Sadness Errands that he keeps running around DC, like, his schedule literally goes

6 AM: jogging

7:15: unburden soul to total stranger, lacking better options

3 PM: visit own museum exhibit to stare at the Dead Best Friend Wall

4:30: attempt meaningful human connection with sole surviving contemporary; fail due to Alzheimer’s

6 PM: dinner for one

7 PM: contemplate own loneliness, probably

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steve and bucky making up random stories from their past and convincing the other avengers that it actually happened (◡‿◡✿)

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"His username is Bucky. His password is also Bucky."

— Natasha Romanov, on Steve Rogers in the 21st century. (via hellotailor)
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Steve Rogers taking off his helmet is a sexual experience. His helmet hair is enough of a turn on, but my sexual orientation is Steve speaking French.

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fic where steve is having his morning run but sam is nowhere in sight so he just has to run on his own with no one to tease about how slow they are but then suddenly nyoooom “ON YOUR RIGHT” sam screams as he passes flying by and puSHES STEVE INTO THE FOUNTAIN

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Anonymous said:  The costume is so tight! So confidence! Much patriotism!


such reference, much understand


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I love how majestic the bald eagle looks from the side


but from straight on it just looks scared and confused


Just like the United States



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G O D  B L E S S  A M E R I C -

“I got into the Captain America costume! I am pleased to say it fits rather well. Didn’t have to make any alterations… I played Loki, dressed as Captain America. Chris was so game. Chris Evans doing an impression of Loki doing an impression of Captain America. It’s kind of amazing.” - Tom Hiddleston

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