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Oh my God, I’d give anything for Steve to be, like, the grandpa of SHIELD

How much would I pay for this story to exist? SO MUCH.

I bet he goes for a walk around the block every morning WITHOUT FAIL, bless his crotchety heart.

I just want Steve to say “Chin up, bucko” and for Tony to like that.

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Pepper finds him in the park nearby, a little triangle of green in the middle of Midtown, full of park benches and old men with hats on. She glances down at her phone; the little red dot is blinking less than twenty feet from where she is.

She hears his opponent first, raspy laughter ending with a cough. “You little shit!” the old man says; his Brooklyn accent turns it into sheht. “That’s my signature move.”

“Signature losing move?” Steve says, and Pepper half-turns back, because Steve’s smiling and getting his back slapped by some other old gentleman who’s been watching the game while leaning on his walker. But Steve’s opponent catches sight of her and gives her a broad smile.

“Heya Cap, looks like you’ve got another deployment,” he says, nudging Steve, and Pepper gives everybody an awkward wave.

“Hello,” she tries.

Steve looks surprised. “Miss Potts. Uh,” and he scrambles to his feet. “It’s nice to see you again.”

He doesn’t try to shake hands, and Pepper remembers all over again that he’s in his mid-nineties, still reading interactions from a different rulebook in a different language. “Hi,” she tries again. “I hope I didn’t interrupt—”

“Oh, no, that’s fine. It’s a pleasure running into you,” and right, he probably doesn’t know about the trackers Tony put on everybody (including her, the asshole). She waves her phone at him in explanation.

“Actually, I was looking for you,” she admits. “I wanted to… uh.” And she runs out of words, because what words does she have left?

Whatever she’s showing on her face, Steve sees it. “Is everything all right, Miss Potts.”

She shakes her head, shakes it off. “My grandfather,” she says, and stops. “He died last night.”

It’s not as bad as she thought it’d be; a nice disclosure of information, all the emotion prepackaged and no need to go any further than that. She doesn’t have to talk about how he’d taught her to sew a button on a shirt with fishing line so it’d never come off, or how he let her drive the tractor sitting on his lap and so high up off the ground she felt dizzy, or how he cleared his throat when she graduated college and gave her ten dollars.

Steve seems to see all that, too. “I’m sorry,” he says.

“He’s been… he was sick for a long time, it wasn’t - anyway, I wanted to, um. He was in the Army in World War II and I know there’s someone I should call if I want to get him, um, the uh—”

“It’s called ‘Honoring Those Who Served,’” Steve supplies. “Full honor guard. Your grandfather deserves it. I can call someone for you.”

She wants to shake off the help, say she can do it - and she can. But she nods and says, “Thanks,” because the first time she’d met Steve, she’d thought of her granddaddy, a quiet smiling man who’d sooner walk over hot coals than tell you he loved you, but who’d walk over those hot coals as soon as you asked.

“Sure,” he says, and looks away. “Say, I think I saw an ice cream truck parked along the north side. My treat?”

He holds out an arm and Pepper takes it, leaning just a little, and smiles and waves at the two old men who tell Steve, “She’s too good for you, Cap!”

But Steve just smiles at them, and walks slowly, and says, “So tell me about him.”

This is everything I ever wanted. *___________*



dark aether | an avengers steampunk au

“We’re living in dark times and the end of the world as we know it is almost upon us. Someone unlocked a door that was never supposed to be opened and now evil spills from the aether over into our world. Earth is defenseless and it’s up to us to protect it.”

1878. A man’s betrayal and thirst for revenge cloak the world in shadows, leaving deep scars wherever he walks as he plays with an unpredictable force – the aether. Commander Fury knows from personal experience what can happen if it is unleashed, destruction is only the beginning and it will end in Armageddon if they do not stop it. For the first time in history, he brings together a group of men and women, superheroes of their own making, to defend Earth. Automatons and rayguns, steam-powered engines and flying machines – these so-called ‘Avengers’ are prepared to fight the war for those who cannot do it themselves.

Colonel Nicholas Fury – the Commander of A.R.M.O.R. (Alliance of Reinforcement, Masterminding and Operational Rescue), a secret military agency in the United States. A rather violent brush with the aether left him with a permanent mark (white hair) but that doesn’t stop him from standing his ground whenever the borders between our world and the aether are blurred. He is determined to keep Earth safe and when King Odin informs him of the prince’s deception, Fury sends out his agents to call in the best men and women.

Lord Anthony Stark – an aristocrat, adventurer, inventor and mechanic. He’s famous for his clockwork weapon systems and steam-powered war engines but the ‘Desert Incident’ changed him, in more ways than one. As Iron Man he tries to make up for his mistakes and destroys the very machines he once created. When it becomes clear that some parts of the automatons of the prince’s army were built by him, Stark doesn’t hesitate to join the group.

Captain Steve Rogers – the best aviator the world has ever seen. His physically frail body made it difficult for him in the military but as an aviator he finally found his true calling until he became part of ‘Project: Resurrection’ which used controlled dosages of aether to turn him into the perfect human being. Now he fights the air-pirates on top of the airships and zeppelins rather than piloting them. He’s a true gentleman and when Fury seeks him out, Rogers doesn’t think twice about becoming part of the team.

Prince Loki Laufeyson – adopted son of King Odin of England. His real parents are from the Northern People, whose ancestors experimented with aether and were changed forever into something half-human and something else. He resents his adoptive family, is blinded by the wish for revenge and wants nothing more than to make the world pay. It is him who opens the ‘door’ to the aether and uses its dark powers to strengthens his army of automatons and air-pirates.

Prince Thor Odinson – son of King Odin of England. He is a very skilled fighter and hunter, stronger than the average human due to a light brush with the aether when his father returned from the Northern People with his adoptive brother. After his brother’s betrayal, he left England and disappeared into the wilderness of the new world but when the first signs of an invasion appear on the horizon, Thor decides to join forces with A.R.M.O.R. to stop his brother.

Doctor Bruce Banner – a scholar and brilliant scientist. He’s been researching the aether for years but especially after the incident and his uncontrolled exposure to aether. Even though the ‘Other Guy’ seems to be violent and wild, he is not, there is still Banner inside, and that proves his theory that the effects aether can have on a person depend on whether someone has a good soul or not. Banner has been hiding in the Badlands to avoid any unnecessary contact with humans but to defend Earth against this new threat, the team needs both of them, the man and the beast.

Clint Barton – an agent with A.R.M.O.R. and former street sparrow. His sharp eyes and marksmanship were in great demand even before he became one of Fury’s best agents. A few years back he had been sent to eliminate a rogue agent but made a different call and to this day, he has never regretted it. When Loki uses a small dosage of aether to enslave Barton, it is that rogue agent, Romanoff, who brings him back from the abyss when he’s attacking the airship.

Natasha Romanoff – a spy working for A.R.M.O.R. and former rogue agent. Her reputation of being the perfect killer, who worked for whoever paid the most money, landed her on A.R.M.O.R.’s radar in a bad way and they sent the best to take her out. However, he went against his orders and offered her a chance to wipe out the red in her ledger. She owes Barton a debt and when he’s under the influence of the aether, she tries everything to bring him back – with success.

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please oh please write something henber. I'm so deprived. -neoragodestiny on LJ (trolling you because I can) (you really shouldn't leave your askbox open. I'm prone to trolling when I feel like it)

OMG NY, I haven’t talked to you in ages!

And here you go bb~

"Oh, hey, dude!" Henry called that blond guy that dropped his calculator. The blond dude kept on walking, as if he didn’t hear anything. Henry tried again, not really in the mood for a chase, waving the calculator in the air. "Guy with blond hair, woo hoo!" No reaction, the guy kept on walking.

Oh, screw it. A chase it is. Henry jogged up to him, and tapped him on the shoulder. Someone should give him a citizen of the month medal, really, all this hard work just for a guy.

"Hey, dude, your calculator." He handed it to him.

"Dude?" The Blond Guy sound offended. Henry didn’t know why, really. "Dude?

"Well… yea…" Henry faltered, he didn’t know why Blond Guy was so offended.

"I’m a girl, you moron.” And there was a punch to the gut that had Henry doubling over, more from shock than actual pain. He whimpered as she stepped over him, with her calculator and stomped over to her class.

"First the Ren guy, now this?” He groaned. His gender-radar sucked. Really. Just the other day he thought that Ren guy and that Heechul guy were girls.

But the Blonde Girl is cute though…

I hope that was bearable.

One Art

Donghae didn’t think that it would be a big deal to lose small things. They were unimportant, easily replaceable, nothing to stress about. He loses things on a daily basis, from keys to paper clips to small bills. But then he realized that there was pattern. The things he lost wasn’t just small things anymore. It wasn’t just keys anymore. He lost his father’s watch, due to his negligence and forgetfulness. He searched and couldn’t find it. He cried, sobbed would be a better word. He was sick of losing things, especially when it felt like he was slowly losing himself.

Henry, on the other hand were obsessive with his things. His violins were always on one specific corner when it wasn’t being used. He had specific places for his things so that he could know if he lost anything. He had a place to hang his keys, a jar for his change, a DIY pen holder made by Wendy and other designated places for specific things. It wasn’t OCD, Henry had defended. And Donghae agreed because a person with OCD would have a better hygiene. (Oh, God. It was only a few times! I do shower! You should know!)

They were different, but refreshingly so. When Donghae moved in, the things he lost had a tendency to come back, as if by magic. (Hae, it’s not magic when it’s so obvious when it’s me. Magic, Donghae had insisted). He would always find his keys next to Henry’s, hung neatly and it was something constant; he liked it. There’s something unspoken there, something tangible with no specific name, but it spoke volumes. It was as if he had a place where he belonged too. Some place he could come back to when he feels lost. Just like the keys, he could go to Henry and he would find himself all over again.

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Im a taker. Write for me Lia. You must write MiHyuk. Ily.

The management thinks that Zhou Mi is too skinny. He should go to the gym more, eat more. Maybe he can gain some muscles… and some ass while he’s at it, since his is non-existent. 

Zhou Mi wilts a little inside. He’s never enough. Too skinny, too tall, too cheerful, his features are too sharp, talks too much. He’ll never be enough, it seems, no matter how much he tries. So he practices harder, goes to the gym more, trying to appease the public. 

Hyukjae doesn’t want Zhou Mi to change. Even if Zhou Mi does change, he wants it because Zhou Mi wants to. Not just because somebody else wants him to.

One day, he catches Zhou Mi staring into the mirror, a vulnerable look on his face, doubting and he could hear Zhou Mi muttering criticisms under his breath.

Hyukjae walks up to him, wrapping his arms around Zhou Mi and he tells him how wonderful he looks and fuck everyone else, you’re perfect.

Zhou Mi smiles, and he teared up a little bit as this is the first time in a while he actually feels good about himself. Zhou Mi kisses him. Hyukjae thinks he’s perfect, and fuck everyone else indeed.

lol, you hoar. Okay.

Donghae stands on his tip-toes, cursing the fact that his boyfriend is taller than he is. Henry’s been scribbling something on the same piece of paper for days now and he won’t let Donghae see what it is that he’s writing! It’s quite frustrating, for him. Henry never keeps a secret from him, so why start now?

When Henry realises what Donghae is trying to do, he quickly shoves the paper away and accidentally crumples it in the process. He grins, as if that can make Donghae magically forget about them. “Hey, hyung!” He greets breezily. Donghae squints his eyes at the younger.

"Don’t ‘hey, hyung’ me! What were you writing? Show me!" And nothing in the world can help predict Donghae as he lunges for the object in Henry’s hand. There’s a little bit of wrestling, bordering on a cat-fight. 

Donghae, somehow, someway, wins and he holds the crumpled paper up in triumph. “A-ha!”

"Hyung, no." Henry whines but it’s too late as Donghae reads whatever that was written.

Donghae reads and as the words sink in, his smile slowly fades. “Henry… these are lyrics.”


"I don’t get it. You’ve written songs before. Why were you so secretive about this?" Donghae looks down at Henry, brows knit into a frown as he tries to understand why his boyfriend is blushing so hard.

Henry shrugs, trying to feign non-chalance, but it’s too late now. “I was trying to write a song about us.” When he hears that, Donghae rereads the lyrics again and he brightens up.

"It’s perfect." And he kisses Henry.

Henry pressed a kiss to Aiden’s neck, soft and sweet while Aiden shook underneath him. Henry liked this - loved this, watching Aiden trying not to lose control underneath him. Trying not to show how a few kisses didn’t affect him. Henry trailed to his chest and gave a particular slow lick on his nipples and Aiden tried to stop his moan by biting his lip.

Henry will remember this. He will cherish this, because Aiden wants kids and a wife. He wants a typical picture-perfect family that Henry will never be part of. He will go back to South Korea, and will go back to being Donghae, and not his Aiden - his Aiden who loved him, who held him when the stress was too much, his Aiden - and he will be the Donghae that will deny anything ever happened between them, because in Korea, it’s a subject that you should not speak of. It was simply not socially acceptable.

And so Henry kissed Aiden thoroughly, hoping that he could imprint everything about him on his brain, because he didn’t want to forget, ever. Even if Aiden will shed his skin and become Donghae once again, leaving Henry to compare every person he ever met to him.

Can’t Handle - HenBer - Drabble

"You know…" TK said over the phone on one particularly cold night in Korea whilst Henry was tuning his violin. Multitasking was one of Henry’s strong point. "You and Amber are like Justin and Selena."

The Belieber in Henry just whooped. Silently, of course.

"So you mean we’re the awesome talented couple?" He grinned, a little too pleased with himself.

"Nope. I meant that the girl is more masculine than the guy." TK snickered and Henry wished he was in Canada so he could strangle his best friend.

"Fuck you, man. Fuck you."

"You can’t handle this ass."

"Oh, my God, I can’t believe you said that. BYE."

Nightmare - HenBer - drabble

Henry sat up straight, gasping, covered in cold sweat. His nightmare shook him to the core, as flashes of it played in his mind. Amber, who felt the sudden movement woke up and stared at him blearily. 

"What’s wrong?" She croaked out, wondering what kind of nightmare made him like this.

"Nightmare." He whimpered out. No kidding, Amber thought. 

"What did you dream about?" She asked lazily, she was having a nice dream about food…

"I was a girl," He gasped out, drawing his knees to his chest and started rocking himself. "And I was on my period." The fuck? "And I had the Jung sisters as roommates. And I was dating Heechul. Oh my God, I was making out with Heechul.” He whimpered again, appearing so traumatized. Amber should be sympathetic, seeing her boyfriend act like this, or at least laugh, because it was ridiculous. But it was three in the morning and she couldn’t think. 

In the end, she patted his hair and went back to sleep. The last thing she heard before drifting away was, “how do you even put a tampon in?

She’ll deal with this tomorrow.

AB - Henry-centric - KyuRy/HeeRy


"So… Herry-ah." Kyuhyun spoke up, shifting his attention from his favourite historical drama.

Henry, who had been trying to understand what the fuck is going on with that guy and that girl (he thinks they’re having and affair but that can’t be because they look like siblings. Or wait, is that guy even a guy at all?), just said ‘huh?’ as a reply.

"I heard your bloodtype is AB." Kyuhyun said off-handedly, reaching to pour more wine.

"Yeah, hyung? So?" He forgot that Asians are big on blood-types. He didn’t get why but then again there were a lot of things he didn’t get.

"So? So, you better run." Kyuhyun smirked (that smirk that Henry secretly calls PACKEVERYTHINGANDRUN!-smirk) and it didn’t settles well with Henry. But it was too late to ask why because of to things

One, Kyuhyun’s attention went back to the drama. All hope is lost in regaining his attention.

Two, Heechul came in, grinning. “Henli-ah! Wanna hangout with me and Hongki?”

Henry still didn’t understand.


I just found out that Henry’s bloodtype is AB. That amused me.
I don’t know about other Asian countries (excluding S.Korea) but the bloodtype thing is pretty much non-existent in M’sia. /shrugs. If it weren’t for U-kiss Vampire, I wouldn’t know about it.

link: Vocable | Tablo-centric | ninja!HenBlo | G |Drabble | AU

First time writing Tablo. He’s such a complicated person to write, that’s why I wanted to, I think.

Summary: he felt like exploding.

ps: he’s not married in this one.

HeeSica - my head on your shoulders - drabble

Jessica laid her head on Heechul’s shoulder. It should have been uncomfortable, because all she could feel were bones but she was used to it. It was where she belonged. The safest place for her.

She didn’t need protection, she’s a tough one, she knows that. All she needed was a place to come back to, a place she could lay her head, close her eyes and breathe easily.

This, in Heechul’s arms, is her home.


HeeSica is a wonderful OTP. They’re made for each other.

HenBer - Doooooche - drabble

"How the hell do you pronounce that?" Amber frowned, looking at the sign.

Henry tilted his head, because everything is less confusing when you tilt your head (obviously), and started to pronounce it. “Dooooche?”

It only made Amber look at him weirdly.

So that started a continuous attempts to pronounce the name. They looked like retarded twins, standing on a sidewalk, making weird ass noises. ‘Doooche?’

"Okay, so it’s like ‘douche’?" Henry decided, feeling uncomfortable from the stares of passer-bys.

Amber sniggered. “Dude, this is gold.” She took Henry’s phone from the back pocket of his jeans and gave it to Henry. “Let’s take a picture.”

So Henry did. And he, with a smirk, tweeted ‘Douchebag 1’


Pretty -QMi-

When Kyuhyun met Zhou Mi for the first time, he thought Zhou Mi was awkward looking. His features were sharp, limbs were too long (Legs. Damn legs) and really, just weird. But then Zhou Mi smiled, a little unsure - hesitant, shy - and it soften his features and Kyuhyun actually though he was ‘pretty’. So he gave Zhou Mi a piece of - what was he eating? He forgot, really - as a peace offering.

Zhou Mi smiled. Kyuhyun’s heart fluttered. He made a mental note to whine about this to Sungmin later.